Yay Madonna! (ahem)


Madonna, one of the world’s richest women with an estimated fortune of £300M, is pleading for donations to open a school in Malawi. What a true humanitarian.  (Note the sarcasm, you know I’m not done with this).

madonna-fingerMadonna, who is worth $100’s of Millions, is asking for donations to build a school in another country. Donations?  What?  You are so passionate about this cause that you’re willing to have OTHER PEOPLE pay for it, so you can have your name on the building?  Last I checked, we could use some of that help here in YOUR country, you know, the one you’re a citizen of…that being the USA.

Here’s a quote from her website.  “After witnessing the potential of Malawi’s girls firsthand, I made it my mission to give them an opportunity to become their personal best.”  Hey, Madonna, you think maybe the girls in the USA could use opportunities to become their personal best?

Ya, she saw first hand because she spends her time traveling the world and seeking out new self-gratification opportunities.  C’mon Madonna, we know you hate the US because you’re a has-been commie whore, but last I checked, you’re still a citizen here.  You bitch about our government not doing enough to help people out, so why don’t you fill in the financial gaps?  God forbid you lift a finger to help the people of the country that gave you your start to fortune and fame.  Your successful start was realized by the “American Dream.” But, I have to say, you did do something great for this country…YOU LEFT!

I bet if you’re ever in trouble, you’d like to have the protection of the US Constitution, yet you renounce everything American.  Maybe that’s why you’re popular in Europe and no one gives a shit about you here.  Since you hate YOUR country so much, why don’t you renounce your US Citizenship after being granted your “Whore-norary” (it’s a word because I said it) Malawi Citizenship?  I dare you!
What is it with the rich and famous doing things to help out 3rd world countries all the time?  Don’t get me wrong, help and charity are great things that do wonders all around the world.  But, don’t you think maybe you should start in your own backyard?  Ever hear of “take care of your own first?”

Watch a whore beg for money.


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