Common Sense Approach to Illegal Immigration

OK, haters…here’s the deal.  Dr Satch is going to tackle the immigration issue with a little common sense. Yes, illegal immigration.

First of all, they are called illegal immigrants for a reason. The reason (because I know you’ll ask) is because they came here illegally.  It is only legal to cross the border at border crossings. By not doing so, they have committed a crime…hence the term illegal alien.

Now I know the big argument is that they are just looking for a better life and maybe that’s true.  However, keep in mind that so are the other immigrants. (Notice I didn’t call them illegal immigrants).  Those people that are jumping through the hoops to do things legally because they want to BE AMERICANS!  The majority of illegals that come here only want to live in America.  There’s a huge difference.  Those that want to BE AMERICANS and those that want to be [Insert Nationality] living here…ie those that want to simply be Mexicans Living in America.  Can you see the difference?

Let me be clear.  I’m not suggesting that everyone that crosses the border is bad…except the glaring fact that by doing so, they are criminals if they didn’t cross at a border crossing.  Putting that aside, most want a better life and to live in peace. (Benefit of the doubt here).

These laws have been on the books for 70+ years.  I know you all hate this, but individual states do have the right to deal with illegal immigrants.  It is Constitutional.  If they are here illegally, they can be detained and given over to the proper federal authorities.  They just can’t make the actual immigration laws or make different immigration laws than the Federal Government has passed.

Governor Brewer, great work.  You are leading the way and many states are following. You have realized the Federal Government is not doing what it is mandated to do regarding immigration, so Arizona is now doing what it can to protect itself.

Mr. President, you have been pushing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” for a long time.  Do you even have a plan?  Do you know what that means?  I’ll let you in on a little fact. Reforming immigration laws willnever fix the problem.  For it to be effective, you must force people through the proper immigration channels.  Step 1. SECURE THE FUCKING BORDER! (Common sense coming at you) If you build a barrier, people will be forced to funnel through the proper border crossings and through whatever “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” laws are in place.  Small price to pay for people that want to BE AMERICAN.

In summary, get your head out of your ass!


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