A Date With A Porcupine

Last night we left to spend a weekend camping off the east fork of the Lewis River in SW Washington with the 2 dogs, Yogi and Onyx.

Friday night was good. Not only were we on schedule to leave, but we were actually ahead of schedule. It’s unheard of! Got a good fire going, gave the dogs some bones to chew on and out came the beer. Ahhh…we slept good that night.

Saturday morning we took the dogs exploring up some trails and down by the river. While down in the river (yes right in the middle of it sitting on some rocks) it didn’t take long for the dogs’ instincts kicked in when they saw some birds. They began chasing the birds down the river. While up on the bank, the dogs started acting strange, like they saw something. Turns out they did!


Off to the races! Well, as you can see from the picture, Yogi found herself a new friend.  A “cute, cuddly” porcupine. Her nose and jaws were covered in quills along with about 10 inside her mouth. I was able to get all but a couple out of her mouth and about half of them that were on the outside by pinning her down. Needless to say, the camping trip ended early and we broke camp to take her to the vet where she was sedated and had the rest of the quills removed.

For those concerned, I’m happy to report that she’s doing fine.

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